In the men’s individual race over 20 km with 4 shooting stages Marek Mackels (SC Elsenborn) reached an excellent 78th place among 115 participants. He got 5 penalty minutes at the shooting range (0-2-1-2) and in the end he was 8:57 behind the winner, who was clear. In a strong field of participants, Norway’s Sverre Dahlen Aspens secured victory ahead of Russia’s Anton Babikov, who won the individual race at the World Cup in Antholz a week ago. Third went to Germany’s Mathias Dorfer, who also shot clear but was already 1:08 behind the winner.

In the women’s individual race over 15 km Rieke de Maeyer (SC Elsenborn) started among 95 participants. With a good shooting result (0-2-0-1), she also placed 74th in the midfield. The winner was Evgeniia Burtasova from Russia ahead of Alina Stremus from Moldova (previously RUS) and Natalia Gebrulova (RUS).

In stormy weather accompanied by snow showers, the women’s and men’s sprint race took place on Friday. Marek started well into the race with only one mistake when lying down and a strong run time. But then he made 5 mistakes in the standing position, which of course set him far back. He finished the race in 105th place out of 120 participants. The winner was Erlend Bjoentegaard (NOR), Nikita Porshnev (RUS) and Lucas Fratscher (D). Rieke’s performance was similar. She started very well with 0 faults in prone shooting, then made 3 faults in standing and finished on 89th place. The winner was Ragnhild Femsteinevik (NOR) ahead of Franziska Hildebrand (D) and Janina Hettich (D).

The two had to cancel the single mixed relay at short notice due to illness.