At the World Cup in Otepaeae (EST) Florent Claude and Thierry Langer had a very good race in the 10 km sprint. Both had only one mistake in shooting, Florent in prone and Thierry in standing. Florent, who was one of the fastest runners on the last lap, finished 28th, only 1:25 behind the winner. Thierry, who finished just 10 seconds behind Florent, was 35th. Florent missed out on the mass start by 7 seconds. In the women’s sprint Lotte Lie could not start due to an illness. However, she did start in the single mixed relay on Sunday. Rieke De Maeyer started with a clean shooting, but then made 2 mistakes in the standing shooting and finished 84th.
Belgium had expected a good overall result in the Single Mixed Relay, especially because they were in 3rd place in the season ranking before today’s race. However, these dreams were shattered after the first shooting. Florent Claude, as the starting skier, made, unusually for him, 3 mistakes. After he had used the 3 reloaders, he had to do another penalty loop and dropped back to 22nd place among 23 nations. In the standing shooting he remained clear. Lotte Lie then skied a good race, needed a total of only 2 reloads and then handed over to Florent again in 17th position. Both Florent and Lotte then needed only one afterload in the shooting and finished the race in 19th position.
Now the athletes will travel to the last World Cup in Oslo, where a sprint, a pursuit and a mass start will be the season’s final events.
📷 VOIGT Fotografie & Design